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  1. Toll bridge that links PEI to mainland Canada by a connection to New Brunswick. The bridge connects between Borden-Carleton, PEI and Cape Jourimain, NB.The website contains information about bridge tolls (free to arrive on PEI, toll paid when leaving), bridge ...
  2. Ferry service that links PEI and Nova Scotia. Transports vehicles and walk-on passengers. Ferry crossings are 75 minutes and there are amenities on board. Fares are only charged when departing PEI; no fare when leaving Nova Scotia.
  3. Transportation ServicesProvided by: Public Schools Branch - AKA: PSB; Formerly English Language School Board
    Provides school transportation services for children living at addresses that meet eligibility criteria. Families can use the online resources provided on the website to:Search an address to find out school zone informationCheck eligibility for transportation ...
  4. Transportation ServicesProvided by: La Commission scholaire de langue francaise - AKA: French Language School Board
    Provides transportation to French language public school students who live at eligible addresses.
  5. Provides vehicle and passenger ferry service between Souris, PEI and Îles de la Madeleine. Ferry crossings are 5 hours and there are amenities on board. Ferry operates year-round.Email directly through website