Transportation Services

Provided by: Public Schools Branch - AKA: PSB; Formerly English Language School Board

Service Description

Provides school transportation services for children living at addresses that meet eligibility criteria. Families can use the online resources provided on the website to:
  • Search an address to find out school zone information
  • Check eligiblity for transportation to school
  • Register for transportation to school and see information about what bus route your child will be on and approximate pick-up and drop-off times
  • Review your child's transportation details if your child is already registered
Note: Families with children attending French language public schools must contact the French Language School Board for transportation and zoning information.


Use the eligibility tool on the website or call to find out if your address is eligible for school transportation services
No fees
How to Access:
Visit website to check if your address is eligible for transportation, if it is you will be given the option to complete an online registration form * Call for additional information or for help with registration
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Program Hours:
24/7 website
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

Service Locations & Contact Info