Federal Government Resource Guide

The following list includes the names of federal departments and agencies that currently have services listed on the 211 website. Below is a brief description of what each department or agency does to help you locate services areas that may be of interest.
Responsible for: Access of people and goods to and from Canada.
Responsible for: Canadian federal taxes, tax related benefits, community tax clinics.
Responsible for: Receiving and investigating complaints about the conduct of RCMP officers.
Responsible for: Providing information about public health, cannabis, consumer product safety, immunizations information, health alerts, and medical assistance in dying.
Responsible for: Crisis lines, health support and benefits, and supports for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigneous Women and Girls.
Responsible for: Canadian passports, newcomer settlement programs, and facilitating the arrival of immigrants and protection to refugees.
Responsible for: Receiving, reviewing and responding to compliments or complaints received about service delivery provided by Service Canada.
Responsible for: Receiving and investigating complaints from the public if they feel they have been treated unfairly by Veterans Affairs Canada.
Responsible for: Investigating accusations of improper political activity, handling access to information requests, and administering the Federal Student Work Experience Program.
Responsible for: Policing services in PEI, except for Charlottetown, Summerside and Kensington.
Service Canada (Employment and Social Development Canada)
Responsible for: Canada Pension Plan, Employment Insurance (EI), Social Insurance Numbers (SIN), and seniors' benefits.
Responsible for: All modes of transportation in Canada and associated licensing such as boating, aircraft pilots, and drones.
Responsible for: Programs and benefits for Canadian military veterans, the RCMP, and their families.