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  • Housing

    Programs and services to help community members find safe and affordable housing.

  • Child, Youth and Family Services

    Programs and services to support or assist families with children or young adults. Includes but not limited to: social and recreational activities, support for families who are involved with Child Protective Services, and supports for parents.

  • Culture and Community

    Activities and services that promote and strengthen the community and Indigenous culture. Includes but not limited to: opportunities to learn or practice the Mi'kmaq language, social or recreational events, sports, and Elders programs.

  • Employment and Education

    Services that help develop employability skills, gain education, take part in on-the-job training, prepare for job searches, career counselling, and assistance with resume writing or job interview preparation.

  • Financial Assistance

    Programs that provide funding to Indigenous community members for a variety of needs. Includes financial assistance programs to help cover non-insured medical costs.

  • Health and Wellness

    Programs and workshops that help people learn about health-related topics or assist people in receiving direct care for their physical or mental wellness.

  • Justice

    Information and services related to restorative or alternative justice.