Health Care

Can't find what you're looking for?  Call 2-1-1 and a Community Resource Navigator will help you locate the best services and programs to meet your needs!

For organizations responsible for licensing or receiving complaints/concerns about individual health care providers, please visit our Health Care Licensing Resource Guide.

For community based organizations that provide services and information for people affected by a specific health conditions, visit our Health Condition Organizations Resource Guide.

For information about health care facilities, visit our Hospitals and Clinics Resource Guide.

Please note that services offered by organizations may be impacted due to COVID-19. Contact organizations directly for up-to-date information.

  • Dental

    Find a dentist or programs that provide dental services at an affordable cost.

  • Financial Assistance

    Help with the cost of medical care for travel and accommodations for appointments, prescriptions, equipment or assistive devices, rebates to help make homes more accessible, how to apply for publicly funded health care, and more. Also includes short term medical equipment loans and free access to health related items or services like pregnancy tests, hearing and eye exams, or safer sex supplies.

  • Find a Family Doctor

    Information about how to find a doctor in PEI.

  • Home and Long Term Care

    Temporary or ongoing in-home supports to assist people with household upkeep, personal and nursing care. Also includes a directory of licensed long-term care facilities/nursing homes.

  • Hospice and Palliative Care

    Programs providing a range of support services to terminally ill patients and their families. Includes respite programs and information about medically assisted death.

  • Older Adults

    Health services and supports targeted to those approximately age 55 years and older.

  • Supports and Support Groups

    Counselling, support groups and supportive services to help people with health conditions and/or their families. Examples of things that qualify as supportive services include: occupational therapy, speech language pathology, STI testing, patient navigator services, guide dogs, camps, 811 telehealth, and more.

  • Transportation

    Transportation services that help people get to medical appointments, including adaptive modes of transportation.

  • Women

    Health related services for women.