Provincial Government Resource Guide

The following list includes the names of provincial departments and agencies that currently have services listed on the 211 website. Below is a brief description of what each department or agency does to help you locate services areas that may be of interest.
Agriculture (includes Forestry)
Responsible for: Farmers Assistance Program (mental health), building permits, unsightly property complaints, subdivision of land applications, land identification program, and others.
Commission scholaire de langue francaise (French Language School Board)
Responsible for: Delivery of French-language public education from Grades K-12.
Responsible for: Improving conditions of investment, innovation performance, and Canada's global trade.
Responsible for: Developing and delivering programs and curriculum in English and French for children from birth to grade 12, PEI's public library system and public archives, licensing and registration of day cares and learning centres, and the certification of teachers and early childhood educators.
Responsible for: Administering general provincial elections and by-elections, plebicites, referendums, and French Language School Board trustee elections, as well as municipal elections for some PEI municipalities. Responsible for voter registration in PEI.
Responsible for: Home efficiency programs, hunting licences, angling licences, trapping licences, hunter education and firearms safety courses, Carbon Capture Tree Planting Program, and others.
Responsible for: Down Payment Assistance Program (DPAP), Energy Efficiency Loan Program, tax and land registry office, and more.
Responsible for: Programs delivered by the Employment Development Agency and more.
Responsible for: Education and workshops, support services, Environmental Health, 811 Telehealth Service, licensing of long-term care facilities, and more.
Responsible for: Delivery of publicly funded health care in PEI. Includes public health, mental health and addictions treatment, primary care, long-term care, home care, and more.
Responsible for: Housing assistance, housing development, plumbing permit, engineer licence, land use planning and development, contractor licensing, and more.
Responsible for: Administering and enforcing PEI's Human Rights Act. Includes investigating and making formal decisions on human rights complaints.
Responsible for: Administering a number of provincial statutes dealing with economic or environmental regulation and hearing appeals under provincial planning, tax and residential property legislation.
Responsible for: Vital Statistics, corporate services, family law and court services, legal aid, public safety programs, and 911 administration.
Responsible for: Appointing PEI's Information and Privacy Commissioner. Members of the Legislative Assembly represent the interests of their constituents in PEI Government.
Responsible for: Advising people about immigration to PEI, the Provincial Nominee Program.
Provincial and Supreme Courts of PEI
Responsible for: PEI court records and filing procedures including wills, divorce and probate. Hears appeals of decisions made by the Human Rights Commission. For court services such as victim services support, see Justice and Public Safety.
Responsible for: Delivery of English-language public education from Grades K-12.
Responsible for: Hiring process for provincial government jobs.
Responsible for: Social assistance, social programs, child protection, family violence prevention, adoption services, foster care, and seniors programs.
Responsible for: Access PEI sites, energy efficiency rebate programs, winter warming program, driver licensing and voluntary government identification cards, vehicle registration, and 511.
Responsible for: Receiving and assessing claims from injured workers. Operates under the authority of the Workers Compensation Act.
Responsible for: Tribunal falls under the general responsibility of Executive Council Office but is comprised of an independent board appointed through Engage PEI. Hears and makes decisions on appeals to Workers Compensation Board claims decisions that could not be resolved through WCB's internal appeals process.
Responsible for: General education development, private training school regulations, emergency job initiative program, student summer job program, seasonal job registry, atlantic immigration program, population action plan, and more.