Financial Assistance

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  • Financial Counselling

    Services that help people learn to budget, reduce debt or credit and manage their personal finances. Includes tax clinics and tax-related information resources.

  • Housing

    Services that provide financial assistance or incentives/rebates related to personal housing. Includes home maintenance, home purchase, heating, efficiency rebates, heating assistance, and programs that support vulnerable people to stay in their homes. Also includes heritage places preservation incentive programs.

  • Income Assistance

    Services to help people with personal income. Includes government programs (social assistance, tax benefits, subsidies), pensions and more.

  • Medical

    Assistance with medical expenses related to travel and accommodations for appointments, prescriptions, equipment, or other aids. Includes programs that loan medical equipment and benefits/incomes assistance for those who are ill or their caregivers.

  • Recreation

    Help with the cost of recreational activities and programs that loan out equipment for specific activities or sports.