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  • Adult Education and Academic Upgrading

    Programs and services to help adults complete their high school diploma (GED), upgrade their credits or enhance their literacy in reading, writing, math, and communication.

  • Disabilities

    Support programs, educational opportunities and other learning aids for people with physical, social or intellectual challenges.

  • Financial Assistance

    Financial aid or other services to assist people with all levels of education. Includes programs that assist with student loan debt repayment.

  • Language Courses

    Classes and programs for people who want to learn or perfect their skills in another language.

  • Learning Assistance

    Tutoring, homework help and other services/tools that aid in learning. Includes early years autism services.

  • Schools

    Services, programs, information resources, and individual courses offered by school boards, post-secondary institutions and other organizations that offer either formal or recreational (non-diploma) learning opportunities. Includes home schooling.