Addictions and Mental Health

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  • Addiction Treatment

    Withdrawal, counselling and treatment programs for people experiencing addictions to alcohol, drugs, nicotine, or compulsive gambling. Also includes programs/supports for those affected by someone else's addiction.

  • Mental Health Treatment

    Counselling services, treatment programs and walk-in clinics to help people with mental or emotional health challenges. Includes programs to treat/support those with diagnosed mental health conditions and services to help people navigate life stresses that impact their general emotional well-being. Community-based programs/services that provide emotional support or a listening ear are also included here.

  • Support Groups

    Mutual support groups for those who have mental health or addictions issues. Also includes groups that support those affected by someone else's mental health or addiction challenges.

  • Support Services

    Programs and services that offer additional mental health and addictions supports. Includes employment and training programs, social activities, needle exchange programs, and general educational and information programs.



  • Supportive Housing

    Short or long-term housing in a supported environment for those with mental health or addictions challenges. Also includes services that help people find stable housing.