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Find Community and Social Resources

  1. Drop-in centre facility where youth can participate in varied programs and use the: Gerard Gallant Young Leaders Technology Centre (computers, 3-D printers, high speed internet, smart board) Music studio lab Kitchen and dining room Conference room
  2. Hears cases where the defendent is between ages 12 and 18 years and is alleged to have committed a criminal offence(s). Youth Justice Court in PEI is held at the same locations as Provincial Court in Charlottetown, Georgetown and Summerside.Online information ...
  3. Trained youth mentors provide support through digital communications to young people across Canada affected by Huntington disease.
  4. Provides school-aged programs for newcomer children and youth. Various programs run throughout the year but are not always continuous so it is best to contact the organization to find out what is currently being offered. Examples of programs offered include: D...
  5. Youth sports programs aimed at teaching participants and their parents/guardians new techniques which will benefit the child throughout their life. The three programs are based on age and range from young kids receiving early instruction in basic motor skills ...
  6. Helps low-income clients apply for external funding to allow children and youth to participate in sports programs in PEI. Also offers a program to loan equipment needed for some organized sports.