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  1. Website provides information on subjects including, but not limited to: Food poisoningHalloween safetyHoliday safetyHousehold poisonsMedication safetyPoisoning prevention for seniorsStaying safe during power outages
  2. Parents/guardians can sign-up for an online registry of the licensed early learning and child care centres across Epekwitk / PEI. The registry places their children on a waiting list for the chosen centres.
  3. Parenting Resource KitsProvided by: Family Place - AKA: Formerly East Prince Community Coalition; Kids R First Family Resource Centre
    Resource kits available on a variety of topics including:PrenatalWelcome BabyBreastfeedingNutritionHome-Life BalanceParentingSeparation and DivorceLiteracy (RAPP Kits)
  4. Helps people in Canada re-establish contact with immediate family members internationally after separation due to armed conflict, natural disasters, migration and other humanitarian crises.