Work Travel: Work-Isolation (Essential and Other Workers)

Provided by: COVID-19: Travel and Isolation Regulations

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Special isolation rules exist for some workers who perform work in PEI. Workers may be eligible to apply for work-isolation, which allows workers to leave self-isolation to go straight to work and then home. The work-isolation period applies to the worker's first 8 days in PEI (or length of stay if shorter than 8 days) and is subject to a negative COVID-19 test.

PEI Pass Holders:
.Follow rules of the PEI Pass. Not required to self-isolate if worker meets the conditions of the PEI on entry to PEI.

Non-Pass Holders:
.Must follow work isolation rules. Those with a PEI Pass but who do not meet the Pass criteria when entering PEI, must follow work-isolation rules.

If approved to work-isolate, workers agree to the following terms and must have their employer's support:
  • Only leave self-isolation to go to work, for COVID-19 testing, or for medical care
  • No attending public events or public spaces
  • Arrange for contactless drop-off of groceries, food, medication, and other essentials
  • Curbside pick-up and drive-thru food purchases on the way to or from work and during the work day is permitted
  • Not having people over to your residence
  • Must keep away from others in the household (other household members do not have to self-isolate if worker can remain isolated in a separate room, ideally with a separate bathroom)
  • Adhere to physical distancing, wearing a non-medical mask, frequent hand-washing and sanitizing, and monitoring for symptoms
Work isolators must test as per the following instructions:
  • General: Be tested three times on days 0,4, and 8 (depending on length of stay in PEI)
  • Exception: Those working somewhere with 10 or more people (not including healthcare) and who have travelled only within Canada, are to be tested every second day in the eight days following arrival in PEI
  • Testing frequency resets with each arrival to PEI
  • No matter your workplace, if you have travelled only within the Atlantic Provinces in the previous 14 days and if you are arriving in PEI more than once each week, testing is required at least once every 5 days
  • If you leaving PEI within 48 hours of next scheduled test, you are required to get tested before leaving
  • Workers in long-term care must self-isolate for eight days and receive a negative COVID-19 test on day 8
International Workers:
  • If told at the Canadian border to isolate for 14 days, you must self-isolate for 14 days in Canada and must isolate for 8 days in PEI, regardless of number of days spent in isolation elsewhere in Canada.
  • Workers who are exempt from the mandatory quarantine requirement, as determined by the Government of Canada under the federalQuarantine Act, must self-isolate in PEI for 8 days, subject to a negative test on day 8; they are eligible to work-isolate during the 8 day self-isolation, provided workers receive a negative test prior to starting work and follow all measures.
  • People who work in health care, meat packing plants, fish plants, correctional facilities, schools, early years centres or day cares are not eligible to work isolate following international travel.

See website for further details and FAQs.


PEI residents who travel off Island and must return to work * Canadian residents entering PEI for work * Self-employed residents who need to leave their residence for work after being outside PEI * People working in long-term and community care are not eligible and must self-isolate for 8 days before reporting to work following out-of-province travel
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Complete and submit an online application form
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Completed and approved application
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  • PEI Border Entry Inquiries
    Call for inquiries about the status of a submitted application
  • PEI COVID-19 Information Line
    Questions about self-isolation * If unable to find needed information on the website, leave a message (response time up to 72 hours)
  • Book COVID-19 Tests in Advance
    Multiple tests can be booked at once
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