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Provided by: COVID-19: Travel and Isolation Regulations

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PEI residents who work as rotational workers may apply for special isolation rules that allow them to spend time with members of their households when in PEI, not having to self-isolate away from their household's members.

Workers with a PEI Pass: No self-isolation is required, if the conditions of the Pass are met on entry to PEI. Follow conditions of the PEI Pass.

Workers without a PEI Pass:Workers without a PEI Pass or for PEI Pass holders who do not meet the criteria to be exempt from self-isolation, all measures for rotational workers remain in place. Measures are subject to change.

See website for complete list of rules for non-PEI Pass holders, permitted activities, work restrictions, and more details about isolation.

Households with a rotational worker are not permitted to host or visit outside households during the first 8 days post-arrival in PEI and until a negative test result is received on day 8.

All rotational workers, including vaccinated individuals, must isolate until a negative test is received. This does not apply to those entering PEI more than once a week, or who have not travelled outside the Atlantic provinces in the previous 14 days, and are being tested every 5 days in PEI.

  • Upon returning home to PEI all rotational workers are required to get tested at 0, 4 and 8 (or for as long as in PEI). Testing frequency resets with each arrival.
  • If travelling only within the Atlantic Provinces and arriving in PEI more than once each week, testing is required at least once every 5 days.
  • If leaving PEI within 48 hours of next scheduled test, a test is required before leaving.
Workers who do not get tested at the required frequency, must remain in self-isolation for 8 days, subject to a negative test on day 8, or for the duration of stay in PEI (if less than 8 days).


To be a rotational worker in PEI individuals must:
-Be a PEI resident
-Spend at least 50 percent of time working outside PEI and spend 21 days or less in the PEI, OR, do same day work travel outside of PEI and are entering workplaces and/or interacting with people as part of work done outside PEI, and are travelling frequently (more than once a week or four times a month)
-Travel within Canada, or outside Canada but have been told by the Canadian Border Services that they do not have to isolate as per the federal Quarantine Act
No fees
How to Access:
Complete and submit an online application form to register * Rotational workers who travel off PEI regularly for work do not need to apply each time but do need to submit an initial Worker Travel application; indicate on the form that you are a rotational worker and outline your work routine and travel schedule. A new application needs to be submitted if work schedule or circumstances change.If vaccinated by the Province of PEI, submit a request to for a review of vaccination status and to receive an updated rotational worker letter * If vaccinated outside of PEI, submit proof of vaccination to to receive an updated rotational worker letter.
Documents Required:
Approved application form * PEI Pass if applicable
Program Phone Numbers:
  • PEI Border Entry Inquiries
    Call for inquiries about the status of a submitted application
  • PEI COVID-19 Information Line
    Questions about self-Isolation * If unable to find needed information on the website, leave a message (response time up to 72 hours)
  • Book a test in advance of return to PEI
    Multiple tests can be booked at once
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Prince Edward Island

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