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Provided by: COVID-19: Travel and Isolation Regulations

Service Description

Specific isolation rules apply to truck drivers, with different rules for resident and non-resident truck drivers.

Drivers with a PEI Pass: No self-isolation is required, if the conditions of the Pass are met on entry to PEI. Follow conditions of the PEI Pass. Registered drivers are automatically issued a PEI Pass.

Drivers without a PEI Pass: Follow guidelines below

PEI resident truck drivers: (whether driving locally, nationally or internationally)
  • Do not have to self-isolate when in PEI after they receive their first negative test result if they are registered as rotational workers and are tested for COVID-19 at the required frequency
Once registered and approved:
  • Must isolate following each return to the province until first negative test result is received, unless entering PEI more than once per week, have not travelled outside of the Atlantic provinces in the previous 14 days, and are tested at least once every 5 days in PEI
  • Be tested on days 0, 4 and 8 (depending on length of stay in PEI -testing frequency resets with each arrival) OR if entering PEI more than once per week, have not travelled outside of the Atlantic provinces in the previous 14 days, testing is required at least once every 5 days in PEI
  • If leaving PEI within 48 hours of next scheduled test, drivers must be tested before leaving
  • If arriving in PEI from a trip that included destinations outside of the Atlantic Provinces:
    • If next scheduled trip is less than 24 hours since arrival to PEI and driver is unable to be tested OR driver has not yet received test result, the driver can continue with their truck driving provided they have no symptoms, do not enter any workplaces in PEI, and any outdoor interactions are physically distanced
    • Prior to entering any workplaces in PEI, a first negative test result is required
    • If tested upon arrival but have not yet received a negative test result, unloading must be contactless
Drivers who do not get tested at the required frequency, must remain in self-isolation for 8 days, subject to a negative test on day 8, or for the duration of your stay in PEI (if less than 8 days).

? Non-PEI resident Truck drivers:
  • Do not qualify for exemption from self-isolation when in PEI and are required to follow public health measures specific to work-isolation
  • When not at work, drivers must self-isolate and must not host visitors, be in public places, or attend events
  • While working all public health measures must be followed, including wearing a non-medical mask and physical distancing
  • No contact delivery of food, medication, and other essentials is allowed
  • Restroom breaks and refuelling of vehicle are permitted, provided physical distancing is maintained and a non-medical mask is worn at all times
  • If any symptoms develop, drivers must immediately self-isolate and go to a drop-in testing clinic instead of waiting for the next scheduled test and all members of the household must also self-isolate until a negative test is received
  • If staying in PEI for greater than 24 hrs, and/or staying somewhere other than a truck, or planning to visit family, must apply for pre-travel approval


PEI resident and non-resident truck drivers
No fees
How to Access:
To be exempt from self-isolation, drivers need to complete an online application for rotational worker status
Documents Required:
To be exempt from self-isolation, drivers must have received a letter of approval from Public Health
Program Email:
Program Phone Numbers:
  • PEI Border Entry Inquiries
    Call for inquiries about the status of a submitted application
  • PEI COVID-19 Information Line
    Questions about self-isolation * If unable to find needed information on the website, leave a message (response time up to 72 hours)
  • Book a test in advance of return to PEI
    Multiple tests can be booked at once
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Prince Edward Island

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