Visiting or Living in Long Term Care Facilities

Provided by: COVID-19: Provincial Regulations

Service Description

The following Community Care facilities visitation allowances will be dependent on resident vaccination rates being maintained equal to or greater than 85%.
  • Facilities are responsible for monitoring and ensuring vaccination rates among residents are at target percentage
  • If rates fail to be maintained at 85% or greater the previous visitation guidance (March 15th 2021) must be followed:
    • Designated visitors must visit in designated areas
    • Residents can only leave in the company of the Partners in Care
    • Residents cannot disembark unless in company of Partners in Care
    • Residents cannot attend public places unless to perform essential services (e.g., banking)

If resident vaccination rate is 85% or more:
  • Residents may designate up to three Partners in Care, which are friends or family members who provide them support through: Companionship * Comfort * Mobility * Feeding assistance * Socializing
  • Partners in care are permitted to visit in room
  • A resident may leave the facility in a vehicle with one or more Partners in Care or designated visitors for a pre-determined time period
  • Residents may be permitted to have an overnight stay accompanied by a Partner in Care or designated visitors, as long as masking and all other infection control measures are followed
  • Residents may exit the car with their Partner in Care or designated visitor as long as they limit exposure to others
  • The Partner in Care is required to wear a medical grade mask in the vehicle and only Partners in Care are to be in the vehicle with the resident
  • Partners in Care and designated visitors may be accompanied by minor children during visits if the Partners in Care or designated visitors assume responsibility for the children during the visit
  • Residents can designate up to six visitors in addition to Partners In Care (visitors must wear a medical grade mask for indoor visits)
  • An individual may only be designated to be a Partner in Care at ONE long term care facility
  • Residents are able to travel and disembark with partners in care and engage with a limited number of visitors
  • Facilities will have enhanced public health and control measures in place, including screening visitors and mask use by staff, visitors and residents.
  • Compassionate visiting is permitted (see website for current regulations)


Visitors and residents of long-term care facilities
No fees
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Visitors and residents: Contact staff regarding specific information about visits at your facility
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24/7 message service
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