Travel Off Island: Self-Isolation Exemptions for Same-Day Travel Within Atlantic Canada and Magdalen Islands

AKA: Travel Off Island: Essential Travel Off Island; Same Day Travel Off-Island for PEI Residents
Provided by: COVID-19: Travel and Isolation Regulations

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PEI residents who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine, or have not had a vaccine at least 21 days prior to travel, but are required to travel to other provinces may be exempt from an 8 day isolation if certain conditions are met.

The travel must be within the same day (24-hour period) and be for an essential activity.

The exceptions include:
  • Medical or dental appointments
    • Includes the individual attending a medical or dental appointment, and a support person attending an appointment with that individual
    • Medical and dental appointments that include an overnight stay are eligible for exemption from self-isolation
  • Child custody related travel
    • Children coming to or returning to PEI through a co-parenting arrangement must have their first negative test result before going to school or child care
  • Picking-up or dropping off students/travellers or a family/loved one who is being discharged from a NB/NS hospital (must follow the Transporting Travellers to Self-Isolation Location Guidelines
  • Dropping off a passenger at airports and train stations and immediately returning home to PEI
  • Passport renewal and consular visits
  • Attending a court proceeding
  • Work related travel that does not include entering workplaces and/or interacting others
  • Personal pick-up and drop-off of goods or animal companions
  • Visitation of immediate family in medical facilities
    • Approval for modified isolation arrangement for overnight or same day visit in this case can be requested by email)
Same day activities that are NOT eligible include:
  • Travelling to write and exam
  • Meetings and interviews
The following conditions must also be met:
  • Keep your Confederation Bridge or Northumberland Ferry receipt to verify your departure time and to confirm it was a same day trip and within a reasonable period of time; and keep other documentation associated with your travel (e.g. medical appointment letter, hotel/accommodation receipt where an overnight stay is required for a medical appointment)
  • Return to PEI on the same day as you departed
  • Are not traveling via public transit such as commercial plane, bus or shuttle
  • Do not stay overnight, unless required for a medical appointment
  • Do not shop or visit public places such as shopping malls and restaurants
  • Do not visit friends or family
  • Do not attend meetings, conferences, or events
  • Wear a non-medical mask when outside of your vehicle
  • Pack a lunch where possible, or if not possible, use drive-through options
  • Use pay at pump where possible if gas is needed
  • Adhere to all public health measures in the jurisdiction you are visiting
  • Using public restrooms while travelling is permitted provided a mask is worn and all relevant public health measures are followed
Individuals who take regular same-day trips within Atlantic Canada are advised to get tested weekly as an additional precaution.


PEI residents who are unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or not yet 21 days post second dose * Does not apply to fully vaccinated PEI residents with a PEI pass
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Confederation Bridge or Northumberland Ferry receipt as proof of same day return trip * Documentation associated with travel (e.g., medical appointment letter, hotel/accommodation receipt where an overnight stay is required)
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