Service Description

Provides medical services and information for people transitioning from male to female or female to male. Medical services may include: Hormone therapy * Gender confirming surgery/surgeries

Note: See website for specific types of surgery covered by PEI medicare as well as other information helpful for people who live in PEI and want to transition.


Valid PEI Health Card * Age 18 years or older
Yes * Pharmacare may require client to pay partial costs of hormone therapy medications
How to Access:
Talk to your family physician or nurse practitioner OR contact your local Community Mental Health office or the Patient Navigator for help with your transition
Documents Required:
Applicants for surgical procedures must have their family physician or nurse practitioner complete and submit a Gender Confirming Surgery Prior Approval Request Form and supporting documentation to Health PEI's Out-of-Province Coordinator
Program Phone Numbers:
  • Toll-Free Number
    Within PEI - for information about services
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

Service Locations & Contact Info