Personal Advocacy Assistance

Provided by: Autism Society of Prince Edward Island

Service Description

Staff are available to assist families and individuals affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder to prepare for meetings with professionals, government, and schools involved in the diagnosed individual's care and education. Services include:
  • Providing families with information
  • Helping prepare families for meetings
  • Attending meetings with families as needed
Types of meetings where support may be required include:
  • Working with staff at a diagnosed child's school
  • Applying to government/other agencies for respite support
  • Other situations specific to a person's autism spectrum diagnosis where support is required


Families and individuals affected by a confirmed or suspected Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis
No fees
How to Access:
Call or email
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Program Hours:
By appointment * Appointments are available both during and outside of business hours and staff can come to the client if needed
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

Service Locations & Contact Info