Newcomer Women's Group

AKA: PEIANC Women's Group
Provided by: PEI Association for Newcomers to Canada - AKA: PEIANC

Service Description

Provides an opportunity for immigrant women to be social, make friends, practice language skills, and learn more about Canadian culture and other cultures. Group is hosted by female PEIANC staff and volunteers and activities are held from once per month (summer) to one or more times per week during much of the winter. Activities may include:
  • Potluck meals
  • Health and fitness activities like dance, hiking, kayaking, Zumba
  • Cooking
  • Arts and crafts
  • Attending performances
  • Info sessions and discussion groups
  • Gardening
  • Seasonal celebrations
  • Participating in International Women's Day events in PEI


Female clients who are registered with PEIANC and women from the general public * Most activities are for those ages 18 years and older but teen girls and children may attend certain activities
No fees
How to Access:
Each event/activity has a registration process and may have a maximum number of participants * Call to sign up for PEIANC Women's Group newsletter or visit PEIANC Women's Group Facebook page for information on current/upcoming activities
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Program Hours:
Varies by activity
Coverage Area:
Most activities are held in Charlottetown * If there is demand in another area, satellite groups can be set up

Service Locations & Contact Info