Legal and Court Services Division - Public Trustee and Public and Official Guardian

Provided by: Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Justice and Public Safety - AKA: JPS

Service Description

Helps to oversee the financial and/or personal affairs of individuals who are incapable of doing so themselves and who have no trusted family or friends to do so for them. Types of assistance provided by this office may include:
  • Protecting the legal and financial interests of children under age 18 years
  • Establishing and maintaining an infant Trust
  • Protecting the legal, financial and personal and health care interests of vulnerable adults who require assistance in decision-making
  • Acting as an independent interest for minors or persons with disabilities on insurance settlements or in court matters with financial implications to the person
  • Administer the estates of missing or deceased persons


Professionals or concerned third-party members of the public can request intervention by the Public Trustee and Public Guardian in instances where they know of a vulnerable individual who meets some or all of the following criteria (or believe that the individual may meet the criteria):
-Is unable to make decisions in his or her best interest
-Is putting themselves or others at financial risk
-Has been determined by two doctors to be making bad decisions due to mental health or other debilitating issues
-Has been determined by two doctors to not understand the consequences of his or her actions
Yes * Sliding scale
How to Access:
Call or email if you are concerned that an individual you know may require the assistance of the Public Trustee and Public Guardian
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

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