Legal and Court Services Division - Children's Lawyer

Provided by: Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Justice and Public Safety - AKA: JPS

Service Description

Serves as an independent representative of the child(ren) involved in high-conflict custody cases. The Children's Lawyer may become involved in cases in the following ways:
  • Parents involved in a custody care can ask for a judge to make a referral
  • The Children's Lawyer may investigate on their own initiative
  • Members of the public can request intervention (teachers, family members, etc.)


People involved in a custody dispute before the Courts or those concerned for the children involved (teachers, family members, etc.)
No fees
How to Access:
If already in the Court system for custody matters, ask judge for referral * If a concerned family member, teacher, etc. contact the Office of the Children's Lawyer directly
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Program Phone Numbers:
  • General Inquiries
    Office of the Children's Lawyer
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

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