Service Description

Provides free guide dogs to help people with visual impairments or who are blind to interact, be mobile, and easily move around in their environment with a dog. The guide dogs assist people with their daily lives.

A 30-day training course is required to be completed, beginning with a 24-48 hour assessment process. Training is provided and is based on action, real-life situations and decision-making. All training is done in Quebec. Housing and meals are provided. If a child is attending, parents are also housed.


Must: Be 11 years and older * Be blind, deaf, have low-vision or a visual and mobility impairment * Have a visual and medical report completed by a doctor * Be able to interact with the dogs * Be in good physical shape (except for persons with a visual and mobility impairment)
No fees
How to Access:
Download the medical report form the website, have a doctor complete it, then email the application
Documents Required:
Doctor completed medical report
English * French
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island * Nova Scotia * New Brunswick * Newfoundland and Labrador * Quebec

Service Locations & Contact Info