Forests, Fish and Wildlife - Reporting Injured or Dead Wild Animals

Provided by: Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action - AKA: Formerly Environment, Water and Climate Change

Service Description

Provides information about how to report dead or injured wildlife in PEI and how to safely dispose of dead wildlife found on private property.
  • Injured wildlife: Report to the Forests, Fish and Wildlife Division
  • Dead wildlife:
    • If found on rural roads or highways, report to the nearest dispatch office of Department of Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy
    • If found on municipal roadways, contact your local Public Works department to see if they can assist
    • Property owners are responsible for disposing of dead animals found on their private property


Open to all
No fees
How to Access:
Call to make a report
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Program Hours:
24/7 service * When calling after-hours, leave a detailed message with your name and the location of the animal
Program Phone Numbers:
  • Report Injured Wildlife - PEI
    Report injured wildlife
  • Report Dead Wildlife - Prince County
    Report dead wildlife or road kill
  • Report Dead Wildlife - Queens County
    Report dead wildlife or road kill
  • Report Dead Wildlife - Kings County
    Report dead wildlife or road kill
  • Toll-Free Number
    Report injured wildlife
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

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