Forests, Fish and Wildlife - Hunter Education Course

Provided by: Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action - AKA: Formerly Environment, Water and Climate Change

Service Description

In addition to obtaining a licence and paying the Wildlife Conservation Fund fee, most people in PEI must take a Hunter Education Course before being legally allowed to hunt wildlife. Upon successful completion of both parts of the course, students will receive their documents to allow them to hunt legally. Mandatory program includes:
  • A mandatory online component
  • A field day to receive hands-on extra training and guidance
Note: Please see 211 record for Hunting Licence to see the full list of requirements to be allowed to legally hunt in PEI.


Ages 11 years and older
How to Access:
Call to receive an access code prior to registering for the online component of the course
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Program Phone Numbers:
  • Online Course Inquiries
    Call for access code to online course
  • Field Day Registration
    After completing online component, call to register for field day training
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

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