Environment - Special Waste Disposal Permit

Provided by: Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action - AKA: Formerly Environment, Water and Climate Change

Service Description

Companies and individuals can apply to receive a Special Waste Disposal Permit if they have materials that cannot be disposed of through PEI's regular waste management system. Includes:
  • Asbestos-containing material
  • Metal-containing or hydro-carbon contaminated soils
  • Sharps (needles, broken glass or other sharp objects capable of causing cuts or punctures)
  • Burnable waste from ships and aircraft from outside the province
  • Oil-soaked materials
  • Diseased potatoes from testing laboratories
  • Empty ammonium nitrate fertilizer bags
  • Screenings from a waste treatment plant
  • Non-hazardous laboratory waste
  • Creosoted or pressure-treated material
  • Biomass wet with a solvent
  • Absorbent materials and clothing contaminated with human or animal blood, tissue or bodily fluids produced from medical or veterinary procedures in hospital, medical centres or clinic, or veterinary hospitals or clinics
  • Body-piercing procedures in tattoo or body-piercing establishments


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Prince Edward Island

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