efficiencyPEI - New Home Construction Incentives

Provided by: Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action - AKA: Formerly Environment, Water and Climate Change

Service Description

Provides financial rebates of up to $5000.00 for eligible people who are planning to have a home built. By building a home to be energy efficient, homeowners will also see long-term benefits such as:
  • Reduced energy consumption and construction costs
  • Lower monthly utility bills because the home requires less energy to heat or cool
  • A home that is more comfortable to live in due to fewer temperature fluctuations
  • Producing less greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions as a result of more efficient home heating
  • Homes will be assigned an EnerGuide rating that tells you and future buyers that it is comfortable, efficient and saves money


PEI residents who are planning to have a home built can apply and must be willing to:
-Have a certified Energy Advisor review the building plans before construction starts
-Be willing to implement customized recommendations provided by the Energy Advisor, who will also work with your builder to implement them
-Once built, homes will be assigned an EnerGuide rating and your rebate amount will be based on those criteria (information available on website)
Yes * Program subsidizes most costs for planning and follow-up assessment, but applicants are responsible for construction costs and a nominal fee for the services of the Energy Advisor
How to Access:
To start the application process, contact one of the approved efficiency partners listed on the program website * Applications must be submitted BEFORE OR WITHIN 30 DAYS of receiving a building permit
Documents Required:
Must be able to provide access to your house building plans to the Energy Advisor/efficiency partner
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

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