Day Program - Vocational Training

Provided by: Tremploy

Service Description

Adults with intellectual disabilities take part in a variety of work activities and teaching/training sessions to help them develop the skills and behaviours needed to be effective in a supported work environment and/or in future community based employment. Skills focused on include but are not limited to:
  • Physical skills: strength, endurance, mobility, motor skills
  • Production skills: attention to task, discrimination, pace, quality, independent work rate
  • Social skills: communication, accepting instruction and feedback
  • Personal skills: punctuality, attendance, adapting to change, time awareness


Individuals 18 years or older with intellectual disabilities
Membership fees
How to Access:
Documents Required:
Application form * Vital Stats form * Release of Information form
Program Hours:
Mon:8am - 3pm
Tue:8am - 3pm
Wed:8am - 3pm
Thu:8am - 3pm
Fri:8am - 3pm
Coverage Area:
Queens County

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