Child and Family Services - Post Adoption Services

AKA: Adoption Records
Provided by: Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Social Development and Housing - AKA: Formerly Department of Family and Human Services

Service Description

Provides post-adoption supports for adult adoptees, adoptive parents and birth parents. Includes:
  • Adoption information service to provide non-identifying background information, such as medical history information, to adoptees
  • Services to assist adult adoptees and birth parents who are trying to locate each other, including: Post Adoption Register * Active Search service
Note: On January 31, 2021, with the opening of adoption records by legislation, adult adoptees will be able to receive prescribed identifying information from the original birth record as long as a veto has not been submitted by the birth parent(s).  Birth parents will also be able to learn the adoptive name of the child who was placed for adoption once the child reaches 19 years of age as long as the adoptee has not submitted a veto. Adoptees and birth parents who were involved in adoption proceedings prior to this legislation change may submit their vetoes and contact preferences between January 31, 2020 and January 31, 2021. See PEI government website for more details.


Open to adults who were adopted as children, adoptive parents, birth parents, extended family, and significant others who were affected by an adoption that took place in PEI
No fees
How to Access:
Call or email for information or to request an application form
Documents Required:
Government issued identification
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Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

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