Canada Pension Plan - Child Rearing Provision

Provided by: Government of Canada - Service Canada - AKA: Employment and Social Development Canada; ESDC; Human Resources and Skills Development (former name)

Service Description

Provides a "child-rearing" provision to increase Canada Pension Plan (CPP) benefits for eligible individuals who stopped working or received lower earnings to raise their children.

If deemed eligible, the child-rearing period will be excluded from the contributory period when calculating an individual's CPP benefit amount, ensuring that the highest payment possible is received. The child-rearing provision could also help meet the eligibility requirements for a CPP Disability Benefit, if needed.

Please note: The primary caregiver is the person who was most responsible for the day-to-day needs of the children for the specified periods.


The child-rearing provision may apply to you if:
-You have children born after December 31, 1958
-Your earnings were lower because you either stopped working, worked fewer hours or took a lesser paying job to be the primary caregiver of a dependent child under the age of 7
-You or your spouse or common-law partner received Family Allowance payments or were eligible for the Canada Child Tax Benefit (even if you did not receive the benefit)
No fees
How to Access:
Request the child-rearing provision when you apply for any CPP benefit * If you are already receiving a CPP benefit, you can still request this provision by applying through your My Service Canada Account or by completing the child-rearing provision form, available on the website
Documents Required:
The child's name, date of birth, Social Insurance Number, and birth certificate (the original or a certified true copy) * Proof of the date of entry into Canada for children born outside Canada may be required
English * Some sites offer French services * Other languages available by phone
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