Business and Self-employed Individual Tax Inquiries

Provided by: Government of Canada - Canada Revenue Agency - AKA: CRA

Service Description

Provides information on payroll deductions, the GST/HST (including rebates such as the new housing rebates), excise taxes and other levies, excise duties, corporations, sole proprietorships, partnerships, and non-resident corporations and corporation accounts.

Also provides information on registering for a business number and any program account such as the GST/HST, and to get forms and publications.


Open to self-employed individuals and businesses
No fees
How to Access:
Call the toll-free number
Documents Required:
Not applicable
Program Hours:
Automated 24/7 phone service * Telephone agents Monday-Friday 10am-6pm AST * Extended agent hours mid-February to end of April, Monday-Friday 10am-10pm and Saturday 10am-5pm
Program Phone Numbers:
English * French
Coverage Area:

Service Locations & Contact Info

    • Ottawa, ON
      • Coverage Area:
      • Disabilities Access:
        Not applicable
      • Hours for telephone service vary
    • Individual Tax Account Balance Automated Service
      Toll-free * Provides information about your tax account balance, as well as your last payment amount and date
    • Toll-Free Number
      Across Canada * TIPS (Tax Information Phone Service) Automated Information System
    • TTY
      General Inquiries * Toll-free Across Canada