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Provided by: Island Regulatory and Appeals Commission - AKA: IRAC

Service Description

Provides information about the appeals process for decisions made under the Environmental Protection Act and Notice of Appeal forms for those wishing to submit an appeal. Appeals can be submitted for decisions related to:
  • The refusal, revocation or amendment of a permit, grass headland variance, grass headland exemption, or authorization;
  • The refusal of approval of a management plan; or
  • The issuance of an emergency field order.

Note: Section 29.1 of the Environmental Protection Act operates in conjunction with section 13 of the Environmental Protection Act - Watercourse and Wetland Protection Regulations to provide a limited right of appeal to the Commission. This right of appeal pertains to certain decisions made by the Minister of Communities, Land and Environment.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Appeals must be filed electronically by email at General inquiries can be sent to or 902-892-3501 (leave a message) will be responded to by staff as soon as possible.


Notice of Appeal form must be received by IRAC within 21 days of the date of the decision * See website for further information about who can appeal a decision
No fees
How to Access:
Complete a Notice of Appeal * Available online
Documents Required:
Completed Notice of Appeal
Coverage Area:
Prince Edward Island

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