Government of Prince Edward Island - Department of Agriculture and Land

AKA: Communities, Land and Environment

Maps and Geographic Information Online

Provides online resources to access various types of GIS data and aerial photographs of PEI.
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Development Permits

Issues Development (Building) Permits when a property is located within a municipality that does not have an Official Plan and Land Use bylaws.
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Land Identification Program

The program prevents the development of land that is identified for non-development use by protecting and preserving resource land from being sub-divided or developed for commercial or industrial use, and to protect it against land speculation.
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Home Heat Tank Management Program

Provides online information outlining the responsibilities of PEI home/property owners in maintaining their oil tanks to prevent spills. Includes:
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Subdivision Of Land Applications

A subdivision approval is required when any parcel of land is divided (e.g., to create a new lot or lots). An approval is also required to add more land to an existing lot, or to join two or more lots.
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Unsightly Properties Complaints

Concerned residents living in jurisdictions that do not have their own unsightly property by-laws can file an unsightly property complaint against properties they think are in violation of the Unsightly Property Act. A department representative will inspect the site.
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